Pahiatua Toy Library

Conditions of Membership


You can also sign this form in person at the library and ask for  copy.


Pahiatua Toy Library - Membership Contract- revised Feb 2017.

Objective: To  provide a variety of educational and enjoyable toys for families to use in our community.

1 Terms

  1. Joining the Pahiatua Toy Library:

1.1. Present yourself to the Pahiatua Toy Library (PTL) and complete the associated paper work.

1.2. Two forms of identification, including photo identification and proof of address will

be required to verify membership (e.g. Drivers License/Passport and power account).


1.3. A membership fee must be paid before membership commences (12 month membership $60, 12 month grandparent membership/ 12 month roster membership /12 month committee $30, 12 month non borrowing member $1.00).

1.4. A  borrowing member must agree to take part in at least one fundraising activity per year. There are usually 2  - 3 per year eg cake stall /raffle /sausage sizzle.

  1. Borrowing Toys:

2.1 No toys will be issued while there are overdue toys and/or fees outstanding or until you are a current financial member.

2.2 Each family can borrow up to four toys and two puzzles per fortnight but only one toy can have a 'blue' dot. Blue dot toys are new or the most popular.

2.3 Party hire is available. Refer to the separate party hire policy.

  1. Renewing Toys

3.1 Toys may be renewed for one further fortnight at the request of the borrower.

This request can be made in person at the library or by contacting the library cell phone  (027 715 5038) and leaving a voice or text message or through another member on your behalf.


3.2 A request to renew toys must be made on or before the due date or overdue fines will apply.

3.3 Toys that are new and/or very popular are labelled with a blue dot. These toys may only be borrowed for a fortnight at a time and not renewed.


  1. Overdue Toys:

4.1. Overdue toys will incur a fine of $1.00 per toy per week.

4.2. Toys can be left at the Information Centre in Main St, Pahiatua outside normal Toy Library opening hours. Please contact the Library if you have used this courtesy service.

4.3. Attempts will be made to contact you by phone/email/letter about overdue toys.

4.4. Persistent lateness in returning toys may result in cancellation of membership (to be discussed at monthly PTL Committee meetings).


  1. Dirty Toys:

5.1. If you bring back dirty toys, you may be asked to clean them. Alternatively a fine may apply.

5.2. Persistent return of dirty toys may result in cancellation of membership (to be discussed at monthly PTL Committee meetings).

  1. Loss:

6.1.$3.00 will be charged for each lost piece, instructions, or container; and refunded if the piece is returned within one month.

6.2. Toys with essential missing piece(s) will be withdrawn from circulation until piece(s) are returned.

6.3. If the missing piece is not returned within one month it is classed as a DAMAGED TOY.

6.4. Persistent loss of toys/pieces may result in cancellation of membership (to be discussed at monthly PTL Committee meetings)

  1. Damaged Toys:

7.1 Damaged toys will fall into one of 3 categories:

7.1.1 Result of prolonged use - no fine applicable

7.1.2 Weak spots not anticipated by the toy buyer - sometimes toys last four years, others four weeks (no fine applicable)

7.1.3 Damage by trauma, e.g.  excessively rough play, inappropriate use, damage from sources other than the expected user including pets, force used by older age group or parent, heat damage, etc. The member may be charged for the repair or replacement cost as organised by the Pahiatua Toy Library Committee

  1. 2The following options will be considered by the PTL Committee

7.2.1 If the toy can be fixed by a PTL committee member, at no financial' cost, there will be no charge.

7.2.2 If a replacement part can be sourced, the cost may be passed to the Toy Library Member responsible for the damage. Replacement parts will be sourced through the Toy Library Federation parts service (Toy Express) or locally. If a replacement part is not able to be sourced within one month, then one of the following options will apply.

7.2.3 If a tradesperson is needed to repair the toy (e.g., upholsterer, builder, plastic repairer), then their charge may be passed on to the Member responsible for the damage.

7.2.4 Reimbursement to the Pahiatua Toy Library for an amount agreed upon by the PTL Committee.

7.2.5 All damaged toys will be taken to the PTL Committee for a decision.

6.5 All fees and charges are to be paid within one month.

7.2.6 Persistent damage of toys may result in cancellation of membership (to be discussed at monthly PTL Committee meetings).

  1. Conversion:

8.1. Where a member does not return hired/borrowed toys within one month of the expiration date and the Pahiatua Toy Library has attempted to contact the Member by telephone/email or by letter sent to the last known address, the toys are deemed to be converted by the Member.

8.2. Conversion is a form of theft and is a criminal offence.

8.3. If recovery steps have to be taken by the Pahiatua Toy Library or an agent on behalf of the Pahiatua Toy Library the Member will be liable for any associated legal fees and recovery costs.

9 Providing Information:

9.1. The Member agrees to provide the Pahiatua Toy Library with details of all children (including name, sex and date of birth) to be included on their membership.


9.2. It is the responsibility of the Member to update all information including change of address, telephone numbers and email address.


  1. Privacy Act Declaration

I have checked the personal information I have provided. To the best of my knowledge it is correct. I understand that:

10.1 My personal details may be checked and corrected by me at any time upon my written request.

10.2 These details are held by the Pahiatua Toy Library for the purposes of

10.2.1 selecting toys for members and their children

10.2.2 Contacting members

10.2.3 Enabling efficient toy borrowing processing

10.2.4 Making funding applications or contacting collection agencies in the case of conversion.

10.3 I may receive information directly from the Pahiatua Toy Library relating to their activities and toys (including special offers) from time to time. If at any time I wish to stop receiving such material I may do so by requesting this in writing.

I understand and agree-to-the terms of membership of the Pahiatua Toy Library, including the requirement to participate in one fundraising activity per year.


I understand that I am responsible for providing a suitable bike  helmet where appropiate.